May 6, 2022 Forest Conservation Job Day

> The Central African equatorial rainforest, a sanctuary for many endangered species, is one of the epicenters of the fight against global warming. The definition and implementation of a policy for the sustainable use of this natural environment, compatible with conservation objectives, requires many skills and good coordination of all the actors.

 2022 Kinshasa - Forest Conservation Job Day

Sustainable forest management represents one of the greatest economic potentials in Africa. From the latest trends emerge serious opportunities for economic and human development (wood processing, certifications, carbon credit, sustainable tourism, etc.). However, thousands of jobs remain vacant.
On the one hand, companies and organizations are struggling to find candidates; on the other hand, qualified talent searches in vain for employment opportunities.

The Forest Conservation Job Day, which will take place online from Kinshasa on May 6, 2022, is a meeting platform that offers the unique opportunity to meet and/or recruit talents, discover training courses, and gain visibility.

This event is jointly organized by Professor Michel Baudouin, Director of ERAIFT, and Ernestine Tipi, President of the Association of ERAIFT Alumni Students, which brings together more than 300 talents in biodiversity conservation and forestry, from all Africa.

Forest Conservation Job Day - april 8, 2022

Why participate in this event ?

You want to participate in sustainable solutions, training and/or talent recruitment, and want to promote your commitment to the preservation of African forests. Participating in this day is an opportunity to : 

  • publicize your actions via several channels (stand, website, emailing) ;
  • present your perspective and expertise in a panel ;
  • get the full list of all attendees ;
  • gain visibility and create partnership opportunities.

Forest Conservation Job Day - Kinshasa april 8, 2022

How to participate in this event ?

To do this, simply contact the organizers via the temporary website

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